Sperm VitalStain

Nidacon Sperm VitalStain

The Nidacon Sperm VitalStain contains both eosin and nigrosine. It is an optimised staining technique for assessment of sperm vitality, which is one of the basic tools used in semen analysis. The technique is based on the principle that dead cells (i.e. those with damaged plasma membrane) will take up the eosin and stain red. Nigrosine is used as a counterstain to facilitate visualization of the unstained (white) live cell

  • Sodium chloride
  • Eosin Y
  • Purified water
  • Nigrosine
  • Formalin

Storage and Stability

Store at 10-20°C. Under these conditions Sperm VitalStain has a shelf-life of 24 months. The expiry date is shown on both bottles and cartons.

Precautions and Warnings
  • Sperm VitalStain™ does not represent any kind of fire or combustion hazard. A material safety data sheet is available from the distributor or manufacturer (see nidacon.com)
  • Do not use any solution which shows evidence of bacterial contamination or if stopper accidentically comes in contact with unsterile surfaces
  • Do not re-use
  • Do not use contents if tamper-evident seal is broken
  • Rinse thoroughly with water if in contact with skin
  • If in contact with eye rinse thoroughly for 15 minutes with water and contact hospital

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