FructoScreen is a photometric method for detecting fructose in Seminal Plasma.

  • 5-component kit
  • 1-step sample preparation
  • 1-step 30-minute incubation
  • colorimetric result
  • fructose control included
  • 96 determinations per kit

Fructose is the major energy source for ejaculated spermatozoa. It is produced almost entirely in the seminal vesicles and is found in seminal plasma. The determination of fructose concentration in seminal plasma therefore can provide information about the secretory function of the seminal vesicles. It is especially important to test for fructose if there are no sperm present, that is, if the semen is azoospermic. The seminal vesicles are responsive to levels ofcirculating testosterone.

Seminal fructose is low in patients with low androgen levels and/or with congenital absence of the vas deferens and/or seminal vesicles or possible blockage of the vas deferens.

There are many different methods for determining fructose in semen. The FructoScreen® uses a method recommended by the WHO and described in their Manual.

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