Nidacon Animal ART Products

Nidacon has through the years focused all research into the field of andrologyand Nidacon’s PureSperm® is a benchmark product in the gradient separation and cleaning of sperm prior to human ART.It was an obvious step for Nidacon to move into the animal field, and their goal is to have a complete series also for animal ART. At Spectrum technologies our goal is to provide

Who uses our products?

Nidacon products for density centrifugation are used by breeders, animal reproduction scientists and veterinarians all over the world, and there are many scientific publications describing the results.

No risk of contamination.

None of our products contain any antibiotics. Since preparing the sperm with a density gradient will remove all bacteria we do not see a need to add antibiotics to the extenders since they tend to be harmful to sperm. The extenders also do not contain any animal derived ingredients, such as, milk powder or egg yolk. This is in order to minimise the risk of cross contamination and spread of disease.

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