Nidacon PureSperm SpeediKit

PureSperm SpeediKit provides all the components required to prepare human sperm for IUI. PureSperm┬« Unilayer is a sterile (autoclaved SAL-10-3) colloidal silica suspension in an isotonic salt solution optimised for the preparation of human sperm, whereby semen is processed by centrifugation through a single layer of colloid. SpermAssist™ is a sterile isotonic salt solution optimised for washing the sperm pellet after centrifugation with PureSperm┬« Unilayer and for transferring the sperm to the uterus.

Many clinicians in small clinics or private practices are looking for a safe and effective method of preparing sperm fro intra-uterine insemination.

They are unsure of their ability to layer a density gradient correctly to achieve optimal results. However, they also know the "swim-up" does not remove sperm with abnormal morphology or damaged DNA, and does not separate out bacteria and viruses from the sperm preparation. So what should they use?

Now there is an alternative method of preparing human sperm for IUI - the PureSperm® SpeediKit. The kit contains sufficient sperm preparation materials for ten patients, already dispensed in Type 1 glass centrifuge tubes. In addition, we provide 10 semen collective tubes, one for each patient, and empty tubes to balance the centrifuge rotor.

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