Nidacon PureSperm 40/80

PureSperm® 40 and PureSperm® 80 are sterile (autoclaved SAL-10-3) colloidal silica suspensions in isotonic salt solutions. They are optimised for the preparation of density gradients for the separation and purification of human sperm for use in Assisted Reproduction Technologies.

PureSperm® 40 should be used with PureSperm® 80 to form a two-layer density discontinuous gradient system which effectively separates normal sperm from lymphocytes, epithelial cells, abnormal or immature sperm, cell debris, bacteria and seminal fluid.

All the advantages of a PureSperm® gradient PLUS ready-diluted to save preparation time!

PureSperm® 40 and PureSperm® 80 are formulated to minimize sudden pH and osmolarity changes during the transition of sperm from semen sample to the fertilization medium. This helps to avoid premature hyperactivation and improves fertilization potential.

PureSperm® 40 and PureSperm® 80 maintain pH between 7.4 - 7.8 at room temperature and at 37°, providing suitable conditions for good sperm motility, survival time, and fertilization potential.

The preparation contains glucose as a usable energy substrate for normal cell metabolism and sperm function.

The gradient enables motile sperm to be separated from extraneous cells and seminal plasma. In addition, damage to sperm DNA and structural molecules cause by reactive oxygen species (ROS) is minimized by the effective removal of immature sperm and lymphocytes. Bacteria, epithelial cells, and cell debris are also separated from the motile sperm, which can be difficult to achieve in polysucrose based gradient preparations.

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