Nidacon's ProInsert

Nidacon ProInsert

Nidacon's ProInsert is a safe, simple way to protect sperm from contamination during pellet retrieval after density gradient separation and centrifugation. Its unique design consists of an insert within a centrifuge tube and an outer chamber for layering Pure- Sperm® gradient and the patient's sample. The central channel is designed to allow a Pellet Retrieval Pipette (PRP) to safely retrieve the sperm pellet without coming in contact with semen or the gradient. Easy to use, gamma sterilized and mouse embryo tested, ProInsert reduces the risk of sperm pellet contamination during pellet retrieval.

Safe and Simple

ProInsert kit is a sterile (gamma irradiated SAL 10-6) package of plastic devices used in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures. During preparation of sperm from a semen sample using a density gradient separation, the ProInsertâ„¢ facilitates both the gradient preparation and the pellet retrieval. Recommended to be used with Nidacon products.


  • Easy to use
  • Supplied with optimised tubes and pipettes
  • Designed for use with the PureSperm products
  • Well documented safety benefits
  • Gamma sterilized and mouse embryo tested

Technical Description

The outer chamber of the ProInsert is used for the preparation of the density gradient.

The central channel is only used for retrieving the sperm pellet using the pipette supplied, and should never come in contact with the semen sample.

The second tube is to be used for washing the sperm pellet

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