Nidacon NidOil

NidOil™ is a sterile light paraffin oil for use as an overlay during gamete, zygote or pre-embryo culture in the incubator, or during manipulations outside the incubator.

In vitro overlay for gametes and zygotes

Some procedures for IVF and ICSI use an oil overlay to protect small volumes of culture medium from evaporation in the incubator and to help dampen the effects of sudden changes in temperature, gas saturation, and pH. Likewise, gamete manipulation under the microscope requires the gametes to be held in small drops of medium under oil, to maintain a constant environment within the culture medium.

NidOil™ is a paraffin oil product designed with gametes and embryos in mind. The oil is neither sticky nor too viscous, to facilitate pipetting, but is sufficiently viscous to prevent movement of the drops of media around the culture dish.

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